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Kodak Trendsetter NX

High-quality CTP output for digital flexo plate making

Building on our success and expertise in thermal CTP technology, Kodak Trendsetter NX Imagers deliver exceptional productivity and consistency, as well as a wide tonal range for flexographic printing. Available in Narrow and Mid formats, Trendsetter NX Imagers offer outstanding imaging technology, semi-automatic operation, process stability, and easy maintenance.

As part of the Kodak Flexcel NX Digital Flexographic System, these reliable and robust imagers allow packaging printers toproduce high quality results that differentiate their products. Trendsetter NX Imagers use Kodak squarespot Imaging
Technology for outstanding process control and to produce an image dot size as small as 10 microns. Speed and versatility Trendsetter NX Imagers expose the Kodak Flexcel NX Thermal Imaging Layer at an impressive speed of 9.5 m2 per hour, about half the time it takes to image a digital flexo plate with a laser ablative mask. Loading and unloading are also faster, because no taping or clamping is required.

Following exposure, the imaging layer is laminated to a Kodak Flexcel NX Digital Flexographic Plate. The result? A digital flexo plate imaging solution that eliminates highlight drop-off and provides exceptional printing results. The hybrid option for Trendsetter NX Mid and Narrow Imagers enables imaging of both flexo and offset plates on the same device, maximizing your return on investment as well as image quality across substrates.

Complete solution from Kodak

Kodak Devices are a solid business investment, combining superb speed, image quality, process stability and reliability. When bundled with the Kodak Prinergy Workflow System for packaging, Kodak’s color proofing systems, and Kodak Service
and Support, Trendsetter NX Imagers are part of a complete Kodak Solution that delivers high quality and consistency to packaging printers.

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Kodak Trendsetter NX